Pandor Bakery and Cafe

Jane J. Walsh

Love this cafe!! Baristas are very passionate about coffee and it's a great place to relax/study :)

Yusuf Kramer

The place is extraordinary and roomy, the menu was delightful and the rates were very fair. rapidly, efficient service and very amiable waiters. Recommended.

Nette Manaday

My husband just returned with four different pastries. What a disappointment! If I could give this place a zero, I would. No taste at all. Cardboard might be better tasting and way less costly.

andromeda Gal

Love this place. Food us delicious. Coffee and latte wonderful. Good service. Great great desserts and homemade breads.

Majid Azimian

Very good menu, staff is friendly and nice. Busy, which is a good sign. Also everything we had was tasty. Especially the pastry. It just took for ever to get the food and the cup we got for the tea, was full of dust. I don't know how much dust I had in my latte. For that pricing level you expect more. Another very positive thing is that they don't use disposable dishes and cutlery. That contribution to environmental protection is adding the 4th star.

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5327 E 2nd St, Long Beach, CA 90803, United States